What a man can be, he must be
 -Abraham Maslow

An overwhelming number of us, however, never reach our full potential...

…Mostly due to self imposed limitations: FEAR (of the unknown)/ SELF-DOUBT (about our ability to deal with the unknown) + attachment to stories, emotions and behaviors that are unworthy of us and incongruent with with the things we truly value in life

And what for? Not only do we “play small” by focusing on short-term, temporary comfort, security, relief and validation, but we also suffer a great deal – experiencing stress, anxiety, fear, shame, depression… unnecessarily.

If individuals are not reaching their potential, how then can organizations be reaching their potential?


According to Gallup, almost 70% of employees in the US are disengaged at work –costing the country between $450 and $550 billion in 2015.

At Mindful Evolution, we are committed to providing unique learning experiences that help modern seekers and organizations reach their potential

Through our “mind-expansion” classes, we teach practical brain science, mindfulness and emotional intelligence to modern professionals. Our goal is to facilitate proactive positive change in individuals, organizations and the world.

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