We are a Mind Tech education company empowering modern professionals and organizations to reach their potential 

Technology = “application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes”

Mind Tech = application of mind/brain knowledge to improve our lives



At Mindful Evolution we believe that the quest for positive growth and maximizing potential is the true goal of human existence. As such, we are committed to providing extraordinary learning experiences that help modern professionals better understand and manage their minds. We seek to educate, inspire and provide self-actualization tools and practices that foster personal and professional development. Our mission is to help individuals and organizations reach their potential, one learning experience at a time.



We produce fun, practical learning experiences at the intersection of brain science, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Topics covered include: The neuroscience of emotion; Productivity systems for getting sh*t done; Calm Energy and Flow. Learn more about our classes here.



Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, I’ve also lived in Switzerland and Brazil. I’m now settled in Los Angeles with my incredible husband Bryan and 1-year old son, Noah.

I can best describe myself as an eternal student: Psych and Econ major from Tufts, Wharton MBA, other 2 masters, Yogaworks teacher training, Esalen, Royal Way, Insight LA, Tony Robbins UPW, hiking in the Himalayas, reading about string theory, becoming a mom, selling derivatives at Citibank, working in corporate development at a Brazilian Agro/ Energy company… and currently, my passion: coaching, teaching, and developing Mindful Evolution.

I’ve always been a believer in an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and solving problems. When arrows coming from different places start to converge, we’ve got something interesting, maybe a “truth”.

My study obsession is the MIND. Ever since I discovered the brain in mid-school, I was blown away by this amazing organ – the CEO of our body and mind.  What I later found to be most fascinating is that our mind is a tool we can learn how to use to change our brain’s wiring and our lives. By learning to manage our minds, we can gain freedom to proactively (vs. reactively) create in this world.

We live in a privileged time with access to both: the wisdoms of contemplative traditions that have been studying the mind for thousands of years, and cutting-edge advances in neuroscience over the past decades which have helped leap forward our understanding of our brains as never before. There is so much knowledge and wisdom available today about our minds and brains– which could be hugely beneficial to our multitasking, hyper connected, modern professionals. What’s missing is Mind Tech education that is taught in a digestible, enjoyable, and practical way.

Mindful Evolution was born out of my belief that the quest for positive growth and maximizing potential is the true goal of human existence. I’m committed to dedicating my working life to promoting “Mind Tech” education in Los Angeles and beyond, and building  Mindful Evolution into a premier education platform that supports modern seekers in their quest for self-actualization. I look forward to seeing you and growing with you on the journey.



  • Continually deep-dive to uncover, synthesize and refine state of the art wisdoms in a multidisciplinary and non-dogmatic fashion. From Buddhism and Kabbalah to Modern Psychology and Neuroscience — we relish to live in a time with access to knowledge from all cultures and time periods. Our concern is what is right; not who is right.
  • We uphold an integral vision of success encompassing growth as individuals, professionals, partners, parents, friends, community members and world citizens. To achieve such success, we work on all relevant dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • There are no silver bullets. The path to self-actualization requires (1) awareness and (2) practice
  • We believe in learning that engages both our left — logical and analytical brain — and our right–creative and experiential brain.
  • Life is too short not to enjoy it