We produce fun, practical learning experiences at the intersection of brain science, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Topics covered include: Habits vs. Willpower; Productivity systems for getting sh*t done; Calm Energy… and pretty much any other “Mind Tech” that helps individuals lead healthier, happier, more productive and meaningful lives.

Details & Logistics:

  • Duration: 1-2 hours 
  • Location: conveniently delivered at your office (or retreat location)
  • Ideal group size: up to 20-25 people for more effective, intimate experience

Our educational events engage both the left brain (logical, verbal and analytical) and the right brain (holistic, sensorial and creative), as we both study and discuss intellectually, and also experience and practice mind/brain knowledge and tools. We believe that this integral way of learning, is much more complete and effective than either alone.  The group experience, also adds potency to learning.

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If you are using technology to optimize everything in your business, shouldn’t you be using technology to optimize the performance of your most important asset: your people, and their most important asset: their minds? 

Most of us live our lives way below our potential. Some of us are constantly “too busy”, overwhelmed and exhausted; some of us are bored, unchallenged and lacking meaning and purpose. According to Gallup (2015), 70% of employees in the United States are disengaged at work. That is, they do their jobs at a minimum and are unwilling to go the extra mile for the company. How can a company like that perform at its best? Gallup estimates disengagement costs organizations in the US about $500 billion a year.

Now imagine a company where all its employees are fully engaged in their jobs. Their skills, passions and challenges are perfectly aligned. They have high energy and are using it effectively. They are equipped with emotional intelligence tools and practices, which help them become aware of their emotions as they arise, and stay calm and focused in the face of inevitable setbacks and disagreements. Through greater empathy, they have improved relationships with colleagues, partners and clients. As a result, employees are producing above and beyond quality work, revenues are up, turnover costs are down and the culture is vibrant, attracting and retaining top talent.

At Mindful Evolution, our mission is to help individuals and organizations reach their potential, one learning experience at a time. We aim for our workshops to give employees some clarity and tools to be more effective and happy in life and at work. It takes time and focused effort, but as individuals get closer to reaching their potential, no doubt so will your organization.